Graphic Design

Visuals have incredible impact and shape your customers’ buying decisions.
We can rev-up your company image with innovative promotional
and marketing pieces that squarely hit target.

Advertising • Business image • Marketing brochures • Point-of-purchase displays • Catalogs and price lists
• Web site design and management • Newsletters • Direct mail • PowerPoint® presentations


DVD Cover Art

We created this DVD cover at the request of producer Mimbres Fever for their latest Native American crafts video, “Northwest Native Basketweavers: Honoring Our Heritage”

Mural 3F Pamphlet

Mural Pamphlet

We developed this colorful pamphlet to celebrate the new City of Rancho Cucamonga Cultural Center’s giant wall mural.


Customer CD-ROM

This cover art for this project involved the use of 3D graphics software, first creating the individual product boxes and then building the composite scene.

Classic logosCompany Branding

Classic Musical Instruments, a new firm located in Wisconsin, asked us to design their corporate logo. Take a look at the development process.